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Business VoIP

Business VoIP made telecommunications easy to transmit voice over data. Business VoIP helps many companies with an increase in productivity and it’s low cost.

Enterprise VoIP

Enterprise VoIP is the highest grade of Voice Over IP services which is specifically designed to fit the needs of large scale organizations.

Residential VoIP

Residential VoIP telephone service works just like business VoIP service, but is usually much cheaper. VoIP telephone services can not only benefit companies with the lower costs of VoIP but also homes.

Call Center Software

Call center software is a telephone system that provides special features for high volume call center operations in inbound or outbound call center environments.

Hosted PBX

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a telephone system that is delivered as a hosted service. Hosted PBX is a cloud-based communications service that offers Unified Communications features.

Virtual Phone Number

A virtual number is a phone number, in the cloud, on the Internet that can perform similar functions to a computer. Most virtual phone numbers serve the simple task of forwarding a call to the main telephone number.

Business Phone Number

A business phone number is a dedicated number that allows your customers to reach your business at any time of the day, improving connectivity and availability. Business phone numbers are a useful alternative to traditional phone systems and can build your customer base and provide better business communications.

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What is VoIP?

How VoIP Works?

On One Single Platform

Where you can communicate and collaborate – without ever needing to integrate

Cost Saving

VoIP Office saves you money on your hosted business phone service. With customers often experiencing savings of up to 65% from their prior business VoIP service.

One For All

There's something for everyone. Our business VoIP features are designed to benefit all industries including legal practices, construction, hospitality and more!

Amazing Service​

We are committed to Amazing Service at all levels of our company. Our continuous innovations to our VoIP service helps ensure that your business.

How It works?

Get Your US Business Virtual Number

Drive your business on global level with virtual number.


Add multiple number of users as per the need.


Setup your phone system in less time and start making calls.

Virtual Phone Number

What is a VoIP System?

VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is a one of the most revolutionary by products of internet. VoIP is used by the business since the late 90's and now all over the world. Thanks to more affordable and faster internet connections, VoIP is experiencing a massive surge in house use. VoIP has more features and low prices than landline connections.

VoIP is ideal choice for both businesses and home use.

What Does a VoIP Phone System Cost?

Finding the Internet provider for the best Business or Home Phone System in a traditional way is difficult. Primarily due to the number of choices, outdated information and different language used to describe similar things, which in way Click2Voice - USA's premier service provider platform is committed to make it easy for you. So, customers like you take a better decision.  Thanks for happy our customers for the reviews, choosing the "Best Telecom Service Provider for Your Needs in 2019" has never been easier. Keep in  mind we do this for you, the end customer.

How to Find the Best Internet and Phone?

Finding the most affordable and best Internet and Phone provider for your home or business is often daunting due to the option available. And with the surge of VoIP, choosing one has made even more confusing and time taking process.

At Click2Voip, we have taken the work of selecting a new internet or phone VoIP provider. As USA's premier service provider platform, our expert research and work with residents and businesses by providing reviews, quotes, editorials and comparisons to help you find the best telephone or internet services that suits your needs.

Our one stop shop platform makes it easy for you to find the best solution for your home and business needs. As Click2Voice make partnership with many service providers to present USA internet users a unique and better experience.

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Our Mission Is To Deliver Quality Service And Support

We provide users with extensive research and reviews on thousands of VoIP solutions and applications, making it easy for buyers to compare and choose a service provider.

We seek to empower buyers by providing the information necessary to make informed decisions when selecting a supplier. Through patented research, we build easy-to-use comparison guides and classifications that help businesses of all sizes.

In addition, we complement our extensive analysis with verified user feedback to provide balanced and accurate experiences of end users.

Our supplier comparison tables are updated weekly to provide reliability, profitability, performance, customer service and a variety of other aspects. We not only take the word of the suppliers, but we deepen and dissect the supplier on many levels.

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