A Business Virtual Receptionist Can Stop Robocalls

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Robocall Epidemic Worsens

People around the world are constantly inundated with calls or unwanted calls and what is worrying is that there is no definitive solution for this on the horizon either. In fact, automatic calls affect approximately 13 million consumers per day throughout the country. In June 2018, about 4.1 billion automatic calls were placed in the US. These pre-recorded telephone messages are the reason for disturbed meetings/dinners, lost hours of productive time and even fraud.

While the call thefts have irritated consumers to become the main complaint of consumers, many people are concerned that these pre-recorded messages really cannot be stopped.

What is a Robocall?

A robocall is generally considered spam. It is a type of telephone call that makes use of a programmed automatic dialer to transmit a previously recorded message. It gives you the impression that a robot is talking to you. In general, automatic calls broadcast emergency announcements, political campaigns, and telemarketing promotions. While this was still tolerable to a certain extent, it was troubling that these calls began to be linked to the major phone scams.

Not all the robocalls are unauthorized. The truly valid companies are allowed to send phone calls to the telephone numbers of the cell phones and fixed phones of the clients, as long as they comply with certain regulations. Legal robocalls need to mention who is initiating the call. These calls should include an address and a phone number so that the caller’s follow-up is not a problem.

Illegal calls do not take into account the government’s communication laws. These callers know that what they are doing is illegal, so they naturally do not consider the “Do Not Call List” or register with the government. The only intention of these people is to steal you.

Overcoming and Stopping Automatic Calls Forever

Although traditional methods simply work to reduce the number of unnecessary calls, staying true to these precautionary measures works to some extent.

  • Report a call: If you believe that a particular phone call is illegal or suspicious, it is essential to file a complaint immediately. Mention the phone number, the date of the call and what the caller requested.
  • Register on the “do not call” list: registering in this register prevents legally registered companies from making unwanted email calls to your landline or cell phone number. It does not stop completely, but it works to minimize the number of stolen calls you receive.

Apart from this, the outsourcing of telephone lines to virtual reception companies works to reduce the inconvenience and expense associated with machine calls and telemarketing.

What Business Virtual Receptionist do?

If you want to reduce the number of calls or, more importantly, the illegal phone calls that are made to you or your company, you can take advantage of a commercial virtual receptionist. This is because when it comes to reviewing incoming calls, the call menu of the virtual receptionist is recovered first, on the first ring. The virtual business receptionist requires the entry of the caller to make the call. A robocall will not be able to navigate through a call menu. Only legitimate calls can select the correct menu option to communicate.

Advantages of a Business Virtual Receptionist

A virtual receptionist works all day every day to manage your phone calls effectively and professionally. Depending on the needs and requirements of your business, a virtual reception provides a basic service to the customer by answering the messages and forwarding the calls to the right people. In addition, routing legitimate calls and stopping automatic calls, a virtual business receptionist also helps:

  • Answer your phone calls quickly even when you are out
  • Provide customers and clients with the information they need
  • Attend to your calls even when you are closed
  • Transfer urgent calls
  • Professional greet callers by name, automatically respond to them
  • Offer missed caller ID
  • You cannot answer every call, and having a business virtual receptionist take care of this job for you.

It is a known fact that robocalls do not go anywhere. No matter how advanced the technology is. But that does not mean you can not protect yourself from these calls successfully. A virtual business receptionist helps you do this for you in a smart and professional manner.

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