How To Get a Best Business Phone Numbers in 2019?

Virtual Business Phone Number

Many businesses prefer to buy customized business phone numbers because a memorable business number improves brand recognition and credibility. Also known as vanity phone numbers, if you aren’t sure how to get a custom phone number for your business, we’re here to help you!

Here we explained some points which answer all your questions on buying a custom phone number.

What are the Types of Custom Business Phone Numbers Available in the Market?

Coming to the types of Custom Phone Numbers there are two. One is Local Phone Number and the other is Toll-Free Number

Custom Local Phone Numbers

  • Local phone numbers have city-specific dialing codes
  • No matter where you forward the call you receive, your customer is charged a local call price
  • Your local business number can be dialed by International callers to your company
  • In many countries, custom local numbers are affordable choice than 800 numbers
  • Your business gets a more personal presence with custom local phone numbers.

Some countries have a third option called “cost sharing” numbers. These are personalized telephone numbers for companies that look like toll-free numbers, but they work in the same way as local business numbers. Common examples include 1300 numbers in Australia and 03 numbers in the United Kingdom.

Custom Toll-Free Numbers

  • Easily recognized by their 800 dial-codes
  • Custom toll-free numbers allow your customers to call you without being charged
  • Only callers within that country can dial your 800 number
  • Give your business a more professional appearance with custom 800 numbers
  • Also known as toll-free vanity numbers

Best Ways to Search for Custom Business Phone Numbers?

Many companies have a tool that allows you to search for specific phone numbers online. However, these tools only look for custom phone numbers in your inventory. Since you can not search for all the available business numbers at once, it is a good idea to start with the companies that have the largest inventories.

What is the Price of Custom Phone Numbers?

The charges of your custom phone number will include few things. They are

  • Set-up Fees: Most providers do not charge an for reserving a custom phone number. However, It ranges from $0 – $100.
  • Subscription Costs: Some providers charge a “one-time activation fee,” which can range from $9.99 – $40. And some does not charge any subscription or activation fees.
  • Per-Minute Costs: Most companies will charge you a rate for every additional minute that you use over your existing plan. Most companies charge a fee for every additional minute that you use compared to your existing plan. The more minutes in your plan, the lower your minute cost.

Note: Most importantly, the cost of your custom phone number depends on the provider you choose.

Ready to Get a Custom Business Phone Number?

Would you like to receive a custom phone number from Click2Voice? Contact us for help finding a memorable phone number for your business. If you do not find the phone number you are looking for, please let us know. If we do not have them in our inventory yet, we can get new custom phone numbers within 48 hours.

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