Who Should Buy in a Toll-Free Number?

Toll Free umber

1. E-commerce Businesses

If you work online for business and do not have a physical address like web designer, e-commerce store, subscription business, consultant. You should surely get a toll free number.

In addition to credibility, a figure of 800 in your e-commerce business provides a nationwide presence so you can target your customers anywhere in North America instead of using a phone number with a prefix that makes you look unprofessional.

2. Startups & Small Businesses

Regardless of whether you are just starting your business or are an established business, it makes sense to get a toll-free number. If you’re a startup, you can instantly be credited with an 800 number because the toll-free numbers are recognized as trusted business numbers.

If you’re a growing business, with a 1-800 number, you can scale your business, expand locations, and change the phone system requirements without interrupting your customer calls.

3. Franchise Businesses

Whether you have successfully completed your business with a franchise or are hoping to run a franchise one day, getting an 800 company number is a good idea. Having a centralized business phone number and phone system that connects your franchises can play a vital role in scaling and expanding your operations to multiple locations in different cities.

4. Local Service Businesses

If you are a local business serving a local area with no physical location, visiting the customer (eg plumber, food truck, landscaping, etc.), you should consider purchasing a toll-free number. This makes it easier for your customers to remember your business number, especially when you advertise on a billboard or on the side of your truck.

Second, if you extend your services to other regions, you do not limit the use of a toll-free number to a local area code.

5. Home Based Businesses

Much like startups, home-based business owners want to project a professional image and make customers feel like they are dealing with an established business who can meet their needs. Using a toll free 800 number (especially a custom vanity number) in conjunction with a virtual office phone system can help home-based businesses look and sound more professional.

How to get your Toll-free Number?

Buy your Virtual Business Phone Numbers and start making and receiving calls across the globe.

  • Buy Number: Buy Toll-free number of your chooice of US or Canada
  • Add Users: Add Multiple Users on the Same Number
  • Start Calling: Start Calling and Receiving Calls around the World

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