How to Use Geographic Call Routing for Your Business?

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Geographic call routing is a service that allows incoming calls to your phone system to route automatically to your mobile phones, office IP phones, and landlines to a particular location based on the area code. This feature connects a call to the correct endpoint directly or operates the caller to the right person based on different criteria defined by the phone system’s administrator.

As known that every organization has its own characteristics. Therefore, it is important to get the assistance of a systems integrator to get the best results from this process.

Using Geo Call Routing for Your Business

Geo-routing is particularly popular with global companies with offices, employees, and customers in the US with functional teams for every city, state or region. These companies benefit by smoothly forwarding calls to the origin of the calls.

In many cases, geographic routing serves to build customer confidence by having a location relevant to the caller-possibly even in the immediate region of the caller. This enables the caller to interact with someone who is familiar with the region and is in a familiar time zone.

How Does this Work?

To route calls automatically based on geography, the communication system or platform uploads zip code or area code information into a database. The inbound call triggers a response from that database and routes the call accordingly. In some instances, a provider requires the caller to enter zip code information to correctly route the call to the closest geographic facility or responding team.

This feature is given in a set of advanced call routing abilities as part of a virtual call center solution and available through the provider’s cloud PBX service. Few providers promote a standalone offer as it is a key selling feature in the larger product set. Often, advanced call routing features are only available in different ranges from mid to higher pricing tiers of these solutions.

There is another option where this feature comes with call tracking software. Geographical routing is available in the US and Canada as part of the tracking plans. While we offer geo-routing as a feature in virtual call center software, Smart Queue, we also offer geographic routing as a stand-alone capability. The pricing for Geographic Routing service varies greatly across providers.

Depending on your current communication infrastructure, you have several options to incorporate geographical routing.

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