1. What kind of Internet connection do I need for VoIP?

You need a broadband Internet connection such as DSL or cable, etc. Typically, depending on the variables such as codec used, a connection should be at least 100kbps on both upload and download.

2. What should I be aware of when I want to try VoIP?

There are several things you should consider, depending on whether it is a small business or a residential user. You may also need to consider how much bandwidth you have available from your Internet provider if you are looking for multiple lines. Then you will also want to choose a provider that offers, the features you may need and technical support.

3. My port request came back denied with an error stating an address mismatch, how can I correct that?

The next step is to have your provider transferred to a CSR. This record contains the most needed information and how it should be mentioned, in particular, the exact name and exact address of the account. A mismatch of this information is one of the most common errors that a port can make in the original application.

4. Can I port a toll-free number or my cell phone number?

You must be able to post a toll-free number in most cases. The use of toll-free numbers takes 30 days to complete the port, but it is now more likely that the FCC will be completed within a few days, as established for interconnected VoIP companies to follow new LNP mandates.

5. What is an LOA, and why do I need one?

An LOA or Letter of Authorization is a document with which a VoIP provider can request your numbers on your behalf. This LOA must be accurately filled in, signed and faxed to your VoIP provider.

6. Would being a reseller of VoIP be a good home based business?

If you have the technical knowledge and would like to involve yourself in helping others by explaining the benefits of advanced communication, then yes. There are affiliate programs, reseller programs and even wholesale programs offered by VoIP providers. You may want to do some research if you are considering selling VoIP as a home business and a good list of points that you should consider when choosing a VoIP provider as a reseller.

7. How much bandwidth do I need to have a VoIP connection?

A connection should have at least 100kbps on both the upload and download.

8. What is a virtual number?

A virtual number is a second or third telephone number called in the line of the primary number itself. This can benefit callers who connect to their primary number by dialing a local number without incurring long distance charges.

9. Can I have my TIVO connect over my VoIP connection?

Since your TIVO uses a dial-up modem to connect and query information in most cases, it will not work. We’ve heard from some people who got it to work by slowing the modem down to a very slow baud rate, but most VoIP providers do not support this type of connection because of the modem-to-VoIP issues. Newer TIVO machines can use better broadband technology connected via Ethernet.