VoIP Services

Set up a cloud-based VoIP phone system for your needs in minutes. Select the services Cick2Voice offers in the U.S. or Canada. Click2Voice works with your existing devices, including mobile phones, landlines, and even your computer.

Business Phone Number

A business phone number is a dedicated number that allows your customers to reach your business at any time of the day, improving connectivity and availability.

Virtual Phone Number

A virtual number is a phone number, in the cloud, on the Internet that can perform similar functions to a computer. Most virtual phone numbers serve the simple task of forwarding a call to the main telephone number.

Enterprise VoIP is the highest grade of Voice Over IP services which is specifically designed to fit the needs of large scale organizations. Enterprise VoIP is designed specifically for large enterprise use, such as mobile phone clients, call analytics, and advanced call routing, empower large businesses to always stay connected.

Residential VoIP telephone service works just like business VoIP service, but is usually much cheaper. VoIP telephone services can not only benefit companies with the lower costs of VoIP but also homes.

Business VoIP made telecommunications easy to transmit voice over data. Business VoIP helps many companies with an increase in productivity and it’s low cost.

Call Center Software is a telephone system that provides special features for high volume call center operations in inbound or outbound call center environments.

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a telephone system that is delivered as a hosted service. Hosted PBX is a cloud-based communications service that offers Unified Communications features. Thanks to a hosted PBX system, companies can benefit from IP telephony with minimal investment for implementation and implementation.