What is Virtual Phone Number?

Virtual Phone Number

A virtual number is a phone number, in the cloud, on the Internet that can perform similar functions to a computer. Most virtual phone numbers serve the simple task of forwarding a call to the main telephone number. A virtual phone number can assist you with recording calls, holding virtual conferences, leaving messages to those who call or even allowing for voicemail.

Setting up an office in developed countries can be expensive, while you are running a successful business spread across different countries. Well, in this case, you do not have to set up a physical office in the US. On the other hand, you can buy a US virtual phone number or a local US phone number and increase the chances of your business in the United States using our services to stay connected with your customers at all times.

The best part of buying a US virtual phone number is to help businesses stay in touch with their customers and support their customers 365 days without hassles.

For Households Purpose

Not only for business, but a virtual phone number also helps you personally in connecting you to your family which is far away from you all the time. With a virtual phone number, your family or friends can call you without incurring international long distance rates.


  • International calling for the cost of a local call.
  • Add more than one Virtual Number, no matter the calling plan.
  • Inter-departmental connectivity
  • Call Analytics
  • On Hold Music
  • Call Transfers
  • Call Conference
  • Team Collaboration
  • Get Local Phone Numbers
  • Inter-departmental connectivity
  • International calling for the cost of a local call.
  • Add more than one Virtual Number, no matter the calling plan.
  • Call Queuing: Call Queuinisre an indispensable component of a business telephone system. They are great ways to manage large call volumes.
  • Call Barging: Drop in on live calls to speak to agent and caller
  • Call Forwarding: Call Forwarding helps you in easily routing business calls to any number, at any time. Create time-based routing rules to send calls to a colleague when you’re unavailable or forward calls from your work phone to your mobile or home phone.
  • Call Recording: Call recording allows you to monitor every call made. This is used by the companies to know their employee performance and for security purposes.
  • Voice Mail:  Read or listen to your voicemail. All text messages, MMS messages, and voice messages between you and a customer appear as a single chronological stream for a natural conversation flow.

“Virtual numbers give your business a presence in the USA”

Business Mobility

A cloud-based virtual business phone system empowers you to work anywhere, on any device. Click2voice work with your existing devices, including mobile phones, landlines, and even your computer.

Link Any Phone or Device : Link any mobile or landline phone to your virtual phone system.

Mobile App for iOS & Android: Manage business & personal calls on one phone. With a second line, you’ll have the ability to receive and make calls on your business line from your personal mobile phone without your callers knowing the difference.

How to Add a Second Phone Number App for Business to Cell Phone?

Step 1: Sign Up for eVoice & Choose Your Number

During signup, you’ll be able to choose a local or toll-free number. Start your free trial in just minutes!
You can also link your  local business phone number up to 3 devices with our Entrepreneur Plan for only $19.99 / mo.

Step 2: Install the App (For IOS and Android)

Install the free mobile app, available for iOS and Android. Make and forward calls using your new second phone number for business, right from your personal smartphone.

Step 3: Start Using Your Second Phone Number

Enjoy the benefits of having a second phone number and full-service business phone system on your personal cell. Take business calls, route calls, check voicemail, and more.

Benefits of Having a Second Phone Number

Business Caller ID
Talk and text from your business phone number. Keep your personal number private.

Business Call Screening
A distinctive screen clearly indicates which incoming calls are business calls. Business text messages are also clearly indicated.

Add Colleagues and Business Partners
Add team members and share a common business number. Route business calls to one or more colleagues with ease.

Business and Customer Contacts
Create customer profiles or import contact information with one tap. Share across your team for enhanced productivity. Everyone you add to your account can use the app for free.

Keep Track of Conversations
This app helps your business effortlessly keep track of conversations, to-do’s, and reminders. Instantly updates across all devices.

Virtual Receptionist & Call Menu Options
Call menu options automatically perform an action when a keypad button is pressed. For example, a caller may press 1 for store hours, press 2 for customer service, press 3 for billing questions, press 4 for voicemail, press 5 for company directory.

Call Routing
Route incoming business calls to the right individual or team. Linked Phone provides the very same technology to you, without the hassle or the expenses. Virtual Receptionist routes business calls to mobile phones, office IP phones, and landlines.

Voicemail & Voicemail Transcription
Read or listen to your voicemail. All text messages, MMS messages (i.e. images), and voice messages between you and a customer appear as single chronological stream for a natural conversation flow.